Antique Granite Cobblestones

1888AhrensThese cobblestones were handmade in the 17 and 1800’s, the old fashioned way, with a hammer, chisel and wedge.  Some were used as a ballast in a ship but most were made in Red Granite or Amberg quarries in northern WI.

The granite started out with a rough surface but was worn smooth by horse and buggy running over the top of them.

Our cobblestones are handpicked and cleaned of any mortar and tar and are counted and bagged in Supersacks.  We take great pride in providing a clean, quality product, so please consider us before you buy from anyone else.

We also buy large quantities of granite pavers.  Email us with what you have and we will work out a price and can process right on site.


Antique Amberg Blue / Grey Granite Cobblestone

Hand crafted in quarries in norther WI in the 1800’s the blend blue and dark grey is a beautiful accent to any home.

















Antique Red / Purple / Pink Cobblestone

The Red Granite Cobblestone were quarried in Red Granite, WI.

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The Antique Salt & Pepper Granite

The granite is a lighter grey with black granite specks would be a good complement to any building.


The Multi Colored Granite

The multi colored granite is one of our best selling pavers.  The is a variety of colors including white, black, purple and red.

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