Antique Clay Street Pavers


Paving bricks were used in streets in the Midwest and throughout the country in the early 1900s. The bricks were created through a process of vertification. This clay is heated up to 2200 degrees and a chemical reaction occurs and when allowed to cool slowly, hardens the brick to where it is impervious to water and able to withstand extreme weight without cracking.

We salvage our brick throughout the Midwest and are constantly updating our inventory. We are not the biggest company but our supplies are great and we are very competitive. We usually have the cheapest prices anywhere and usually supply the best product. We take time to clean every brick and get rid of bricks that are not up to par, so the bricks in the middle of the pallet look as good as the ones on the outside.

We also supply bricks to many municipalities and have completed various brick projects such as Downers Grove IL


Danville Pavers

Beautiful blend of dark & maroon pavers known for their durability.

purington 003

Size: 3-1/2 deep, 8-3/4 long, 3-1/2 wide


Trimble-O Street Pavers

Beautiful color blend of brick from the late 1800’s / early 1900’s



Done by Castille Landscaping (Waukesha)


Poston Pavers

purington 005 purington 012










Size: 3-1/4 X 8-3/4 X 3-3/4

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